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The house or the apartment remains the place of predilection to make love. But who has never dreamed of spicing up their sex life by changing from the traditional comfortable bed to the softness of a deserted beach, thus mixing the pleasure of an unusual place with the risk of being surprised. A little reminder before starting this top 8 of unusual places to make love, article 222.32 of the penal code reminds us that ยซ Sexual exhibition imposed on others in a place accessible to public view is punishable by one year's imprisonment and a fine of 15,000 dollars ยป.

So it will be necessary to adapt your desires according to your environment.

In the mountains

Winter being well present, nothing better than an adventure at the detours of a summit, of a virgin slope of snow between two sessions of ski to make love. It will be necessary to be a minimum reckless in view of the fresh temperature that the mountain reserves, but that will allow an intense moment and rich in emotions.

The plane, the train, the boat

Here, no matter which means of transportation you choose, the adrenaline will be present because don't expect to be able to reserve a whole car or a plane cabin just for you. You'll have to be patient and wait for the right moment before embarking on a quest for pleasure.

At work

Who hasn't dreamed of doing it at the office between two files, during the coffee break, between two meetings or even at the close of business when everyone has gone home? Work remains a very symbolic place because it breaks the rigor of the office setting for a moment.

The fitting room ๐Ÿ”ฅ

Shopping is good, so if you can spice up your sex life, it's even better. Why wait until you get to your house when the fitting room offers a privileged moment to indulge in the joys of love. Between 2 lingerie fittings, it's a guaranteed thrill. Be careful not to be surprised!

The Jacuzzi

Small bubbles, warm water, a subdued atmosphere, all the elements are gathered to spend a romantic moment with your partner. More relaxed than that, it could be complicated. We put aside the little worries of life to enjoy the moment.

The car

It's like a second home, allowing you to move from one place to another as easily as you like. Whether you prefer the view of a magnificent sunset, or the magic of a park in the countryside, the car allows you to change the setting to realize your most beautiful fantasies. It is up to you to choose the setting that suits you best.

The elevator

A moment of madness, the elevator will make you go through all the emotions while maintaining this adrenaline because every second counts. Here the 2 hours of performance will hardly be useful to you.

The forest

What better place to end our top 8 unusual places to make love than the Forest. The possibilities are endless and it's a real playground for you. A way to rediscover nature.

Bonus ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

The hotel, whether for a business trip, a couple's vacation, a break to join his vacation place, we find the comfort of home while being in an impersonal place. Free yourself from your routine by trying new positions to rediscover your partner and spice up your sex life.

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