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Valentine's Day is all year long ! Although February 14th is the day when this celebration is highlighted, nothing is better than keeping the flame of your couple alive all year long. And to share this magic moment as a couple, what could be more beautiful than a small gift to accompany this evening, this day, this moment to bubble with his partner and escape from his daily life.

• Top 3 gifts made by men:
Jewelry, Perfume, Flowers

• Top 3 gifts made by women:
Lingerie, Perfume, Watch

Through this article, we will revisit the classic Valentine's Day gifts and propose alternatives that will make your gift unique.

The jewels

Giving a jewel is a timeless gift. There are jewels for every budget, of every size, from the most discreet to the most extravagant. There is no need to fall for the more expensive 18 karat gold jewelry. What matters here is to find a set that will speak to your other half through its style. However, if you want to go a little further and go beyond the stage of offering a simple piece of jewelry, there are creative workshops with a craftsman or a pottery class to shape your jewel together, to spend a good moment of complicity together and leave with a jewel of your own!

The flowers

It is the very symbol of Valentine's Day! A beautiful bouquet of Rose. But do you know why it is traditional to give a rose bouquet for Valentine's Day?
The tradition dates back to the third century, when the priest Valentine continued to secretly marry couples while the emperor Claudius II had forbidden it because he had difficulty recruiting soldiers for the war. He wanted to stop marriages and births to send more men to the front. On February 14, 269, the priest Valentine was executed and Saint Valentine would become the patron saint of lovers.

Small bonus, on the number of stems that compose a rose bouquet:
• 1 rose to evoke a love at first sight
• 2 roses to apologize
• 3 roses to say « I love you »
• 9 roses for the desire to stay together for life
• 12 red roses for the wedding proposal
• 13 red roses for a secret admirer
• 36 roses to declare your love
• 101 roses for a crazy love without limits

The Lingerie 🔥

We often think of offering lingerie for Valentine's Day and it lends itself well, whether through the classic thong, boxer, thong, panties, lace, transparent, leather. There is for all the tastes and all the forms. Do not hesitate to leave your comfort zone to dare new outfits that are out of the ordinary. As such, special dedication to the bodysuit that can combine desire and sexy. A clever mix that will spice up your evening without cogs.

The Perfume

Perfume is a great asset, mixing one of the most powerful senses, it is not easy to find the perfume that will please your sweetheart. But if you succeed, it will be an incredible gift that will accompany you throughout the year. Obviously, describing how to find the perfect perfume is not possible given the incredible combinations that exist on the market. However, if you have the opportunity, why not take the plunge and create your own perfume? In addition to being unique, it will be the image of your couple and will allow you to live each day this moment of complicity

Massage set

We don't think about it often enough, but sometimes the simplest objects are the best: hot stones for a massage. Presented in boxes of 6 to 20 stones for the biggest boxes, this box is ideal to realize unique massages to your partner. Of different sizes, you just have to heat them to a pleasant temperature and put them on your partner to realize a soft massage letting the energies of the body circulate. Not only does it feel good, but it can also improve the quality of sleep, reduce migraines, headaches and muscle (obviously this is not a medical advice)

The giant plaid

The essential plaid will revive everyone. From the simplest plaid, to the huge plaid with sleeves, it's simple, but after an intense day, nothing beats a little moment of complicity snuggled up in the plaid. A small glass of champagne (or any other drink of your choice) and the evening is launched for extraordinary memories.

The crackling candles

Rest assured, there is no question of setting fire to your home, but the candles that crackle gives a new dimension in your space to recreate this magical moment of a fire in the middle of the fir trees snuggled up warmly at home. Through noises and smells, no need for a fireplace to enjoy a pleasant evening in the corner of your sofa. Accompanied by a small romantic meal, all the ingredients are gathered to spend a magic moment.

Valentine's Day remains a moment to be lived as a couple, and no matter the gift, what counts is to spend a romantic moment together. This day must remain the continuity of what your couple says the rest of the year. Indeed, it is necessary above all to listen to each other and to offer a gift must be a pleasure and not a duty. And above all, live this moment because a gift never replaces the emotions we have during these magical moments.
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